Fair Company successfully joined the PEBA Balloon Environmental Protection Alliance

Fair Company successfully joined the PEBA Balloon Environmental Protection Alliance

Fair balloons honor the ranks of environmental protection: successfully joined the PEBA environmental protection Alliance to jointly protect the blue sky and clear water Fair balloon’s green promise Fair balloon has always been committed to the cause of environmental protection, with “innovation, environmental protection, quality” as the truth, leading the industry to the direction of […]

Do foil balloons degrade?

Can foil balloons degrade?

  do foil balloons degrade? Whether the foil balloon can be degraded depends on its choice of materials for the production of foil balloons. At present, the foil balloons that can be seen in the global market are made of Polyamide (referred to as PA) compounded with polyethylene (referred to as PE) or by Mylar (referred to […]

Foil balloon automatic sealing principle and inflation method


Innovative technology: An automatic sealing device filled with air that automatically seals the foil balloons   Automatic sealing principle of foil balloon With the development of social technology, we invented an automatic sealing device to make it more convenient to inflate foil balloons. The main thing that it does is that when you inflate the […]

Color difference of balloon printing color and its influencing factors


When customers are fairly customizing foil balloons, it is normal for the color of the balloons and the design drafts we print out to have some slight color differences. The design manuscript provided by the client is based on the effect presented on the white background, and the color of Fair company’s foil balloon material […]

Foil Balloons CE Certification


Fair company produced foil balloons through CE certification, CE mark is a safety mark rather than a quality mark! Add security to your party!   Fair Company: Leading the balloon industry safety benchmark In the pursuit of a better life today, balloons have become an indispensable element in our lives. Whether it is a birthday […]

Biodegradable Balloons RoHS Certification | Foil Balloons RoHS Certification


Fair company through biodegradable balloon RoHS certification |foil balloon RoHS certification, so that your products freely ride the European market   RoHS Directive: A “passport” to the EU market In today’s globalization, entering the overseas market is undoubtedly the pursuit of every enterprise. However, different regions have their own regulations and standards. For companies that […]

The English Of Balloons_ How To Say Balloons In English_ Spell For Balloons


The Wonderful Journey of Balloons: Translation from Chinese Balloons to Global Languages There are countless languages and cultures in this world. Each has its own unique charm and beauty. Today, the topic we are going to explore is a simple vocabulary, but it has a wide range of applications worldwide – balloons. We distribute the […]

How Do Foil Balloons Ddeflate? How To Deflate A Decorative Balloons (Picture)


With the improvement of people’s living standards, festival celebrations, party parties and other activities are increasing, balloons have become a necessary decoration. However, many people, after purchasing foil balloons, know how to deflate them properly, and even cause the balloons to burst due to improper operation, affecting the atmosphere of the party. So, how does […]

Balloons Decoration_ Fair TeachesYou how To Choose Decorative Balloons

Fair teach you how to choose decorative balloons In the bustling city, commercial space is always full of all kinds of creative decoration. Among them, balloon decoration is undoubtedly the most can set off the atmosphere of a way. Whether it is shopping malls, restaurants, or all kinds of events, you can see them. However, […]

Styling Balloons_How to Customize Our Styling Balloons


Modeling balloons: Customize our modeling balloons Modeling balloons, as the name suggests, are balloons whose appearance is designed into a variety of specific shapes. These images can be cute cartoon characters, can be vivid animal shapes, or can be lifelike plant images. When customizing the shape of the balloon, the customer must first design the […]

Biodegradable balloons | environmentally friendly balloons | manufacturers of biodegradable balloons


Fair cooperation with scientific research forces, launch degradable balloons, and contribute to the protection of the earth’s environment!   The demand for foil balloons is growing worldwide With the improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for foil balloons in various celebrations, commercial promotion and other occasions is also increasing. However, this seemingly harmless decorative […]

Our Foil Balloons – Quality Assurance


Fair production of foil balloons – Quality assurance, global customers unanimously recommend!   Choose export standard materials approved by foreign customers Among the many foil balloon manufacturing companies, the reason why Fair is able to stand out and become the foil balloon brand unanimously recommended by customers around the world is largely due to our […]