What type of inflatable ball is the safest? What is the safest gas to fill with foil balloons?


Balloon Secrets: Why helium is safest


Do you remember those colorful balloons from your childhood?

Those colorful balloons floating in the sky always add a little fun and laughter to our lives. Whether it is aluminum film balloons, latex balloons, or PVC air molds and other balloons, they all have a common feature – they can float with the wind. So, what gives balloons such magical power? The answer is simple: gas.


How balloons float

When we fill a balloon with gas and let it go, if the gas is less dense than air, the balloon will rise. This is because the Earth’s air currents cause the lighter gases to rise above the heavier air. Helium is the least dense of all the gases we see. Therefore, if we want a balloon to float, filling it with helium is the best choice.


Why is helium the safest gas?

Why is helium the safest gas? Helium, the English name is helium, the symbol is He, so many foreign businesses call balloons helium balloons. Helium is a colorless, odorless gas of helium with a lazy name, and doesn’t work, in other words, it doesn’t make a fire hotter or even explode like hydrogen, on the contrary, if helium is blown against an open flame, the fire goes out, so it’s the safest gas to fill our balloons with.


Our promise: Fair will not use hydrogen to inflate balloons

To ensure the safety of everyone who uses our balloons, the Fair Company states that we will never use hydrogen to inflate a foil balloon. We have always considered safety to be our most important responsibility and obligation. We want every child to enjoy real safety and joy in play.

Choose fair, choose safety

A balloon is not only a toy, but also a tool to carry joy and dreams. Choosing a fair balloon is choosing a safe environment to play in. Our balloons, filled with helium, are safe. On this special occasion, let our balloons accompany you and bring you endless joy and fond memories.

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