Our mission

   Since the mid-20th century, people have gradually realized that the ecological crisis brought about by industrial civilization is urgent and serious. The earth is the only planet for human beings to live on, and the harmonious coexistence between man and nature is related to the destiny of mankind. The fair balloon factory recognizes the pollution caused by foil balloons to the earth and oceans.

   Fair company is working hard to change the environmental pollution of our foil balloons, in order to care for our earth, and give priority to the use of biodegradable foil balloons.

   Kunshan Fair Craft Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. It is a factory specializing in the production of foil balloons. The balloons it produces include: mylar balloons, self-inflating balloons, advertising balloons, biodegradable balloons, cartoon balloons, and environmentally friendly balloons. , DIY graffiti balloons, modeling balloons, festival balloons, number balloons, letter balloons, balloons with poles (pole balloons), toy foil balloons.

   Fair Balloon is a foil balloon factory that integrates foil balloon design, production, sales, customization, and wholesale. It is a manufacturer of foil balloon materials including transparent nylon (PA), polyester (PET), and laser aluminized film materials.

  Biodegradability refers to the process of natural degradation in an environmentally friendly way, without causing pollution to the global environment during the degradation process. fair produces biodegradable foil balloons that can be broken down into their basic elements by microorganisms and the passage of time. This biological process of biodegradation breaks down the balloons into carbon dioxide and water and returns them to nature. microorganisms and time. During the balloon degradation process, our biodegradable balloons are decomposed into carbon dioxide and water that are harmless to the earth, making our biodegradable foil balloons Can return to nature.

Fair company customizes and wholesales for you: foil balloons, mylar balloons, cartoon balloons, decorative balloons, self-inflating balloons, advertising balloons, hydrogen balloons, helium balloons, DIY painting balloons, party balloons, number balloons, letter balloons, etc.