Do foil balloons degrade?

Can foil balloons degrade?


do foil balloons degrade?

Whether the foil balloon can be degraded depends on its choice of materials for the production of foil balloons. At present, the foil balloons that can be seen in the global market are made of Polyamide (referred to as PA) compounded with polyethylene (referred to as PE) or by Mylar (referred to as PET) ) materials made of composite PE, these two composite materials are not degradable materials, and it takes 200 to 400 years for them to degrade completely.

So is there a kind of material that can degrade foil balloons?

After Kunshan Fair craft products Co., LTD cooperated with many scientific research units to concentrate on research and development, and invested a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources, in order to solve technical problems, hundreds of repeated experiments were carried out. Through repeated experiments and technological innovation, foil alloys were developed and produced. The degradable material of membrane balloon fills the gap in the field of degradable foil balloon in the world, and successfully solves a series of problems such as high ductility, easy air leakage and poor sealing of ordinary degradable materials.


  1. The first thing to be solved in fairness is that the ductility of ordinary degradable materials is too high, and our foilballoon does not need too high ductility. After repeated tests and material ratio adjustment, the ideal state can be achieved. The ductility also ensures the toughness of the degradable material.
  2. After we make the degradable film into a balloon, because the ordinary degradable film does not need to bear a lot of inflation pressure, the airtightness of the resulting balloon is very poor, and the two-layer scalding port is easy to rupture when the inflation is sufficient. , which leads to the fatal problem of short air retention time of the balloon. It is fair to adjust the ratio of the degradable film PLA, PBAT and other components to achieve the advantages of not breaking the balloon after inflation and long air retention time.

Fortunately, with the support, cooperation and efforts of fair and relevant scientific researchers, we have overcome these problems one by one and achieved the performance of mylar balloon step by step. Our degradable balloon will definitely replace the foil balloon produced by traditional PA and PET materials.

Environmental pollution has become a major threat facing the world. Fairly adheres to the business philosophy of sustainable development and protects our earth home. Through technological innovation, we will continue to promote the progress of the ecological environment, and work with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to jointly protect the green future of the earth and make greater contributions to the development of environmental protection.


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