Color difference of balloon printing color and its influencing factors


When customers are fairly customizing foil balloons, it is normal for the color of the balloons and the design drafts we print out to have some slight color differences. The design manuscript provided by the client is based on the effect presented on the white background, and the color of Fair company's foil balloon material is different in different light, it is silver white in the case of strong light and silver gray in the case of low light, so customers will accept a little color difference when they understand the gravure printing. It is also allowed by the industry, but the fair balloon factory ensures that the color difference should not be very large, and it will not look obviously different at a glance.
Let's take a look at the normal color difference between the design and the finished foil balloon
Because there are too many colors, we just find a color to compare, the color of the design draft provided by the customer can be seen that the light green is dark, when we print and adjust the color according to our experience, we will adjust the color to a little brighter, we feel that this color is better, and finally won the praise of the customer.
After the color is brightened, it obviously looks brighter and more beautiful than the color on the design draft. Of course, this also needs the consent of the customer, but generally speaking, even if we do not confirm it to the customer, the customer will accept it. The bright spot or slightly dark color of this color is acceptable to the customer. Other colors, we can see a glimpse. In short, Fair company will not change the color of the design draft.
There are many reasons for the color difference of the color, as far as the ink is concerned, we can completely adjust to the color card number provided by the customer, but because the primary color of the surface is not the same, the printed color is also different. Color and temperature difference, humidity are related, the same ink, humidity, temperature is not the same, the reflected color is not the same, in the printing time also need to add solvents, diluents, these affect the color difference of the color.
The color difference has a lot to do with plate making. For example, the above light green color is 50% blue, 40% white, 2% red, 2% yellow, and 1% black to achieve such a printing effect. Then we have confirmed these colors when making plates, and then determine the mesh size of the plate according to the percentage of these colors. Therefore, the thickness of the mesh of the plate is also to determine the effect of the balloon printing.

Fair commitment and solution

While we can't avoid all chromatic aberration, we can minimize it. Our professional team will perform accurate color matching according to the customer's needs and our printing conditions. We also regularly update our printing equipment and technology to ensure that our printing results can meet the highest standards.

In addition, we will also communicate fully with our customers to let them know about possible color differences and provide corresponding solutions. For example, we can choose to use more stable tones or incorporate more color correction steps into the design and printing process.

In general, the color difference of balloon printing color is a complex issue, involving multiple factors such as light, color, material and temperature. However, it is also an artistic challenge that requires constant learning and innovation. At Fair Value, we are willing to take on this challenge and provide our customers with the best quality custom foil balloons.