Customized special-shaped cartoon foil balloons – the importance of handmade samples


I hope customers who need to customize special-shaped cartoon balloons can have a good read this article, here is the introduction of some customized special-shaped balloons we must know the process, many customers send a picture of the special-shaped to inquire, ask them whether they have the design draft, say no, ask if the size is not, or give a random size, and then keep asking the price. It is difficult for us to give a price for such customers. It is not that we do not calculate the price for customers, but we do not know what standard to calculate for customers.
The most basic size and design draft of custom shaped cartoon foil balloon still need to be provided, we calculate the unit price, plate making fee and mold fee of cartoon balloon according to the size of the balloon that is not inflated, even if the client provides the design draft of shaped cartoon, it can not immediately give an accurate price, because the client is not professional in making foil shaped balloon. It is impossible for them to know what the shape of the uninflated cartoon balloon looks like. The cartoon shape on the design draft provided by the customer only needs the effect of the aluminum film balloon made by us after it is filled with air, that is, it can achieve the inflatable effect on their design draft. As for the shape of the uninflated cartoon balloon, we need to make a manual sample to confirm for the customer. Our price is also calculated according to the size of the uninflated, so the accurate price must wait for the customer to confirm the shape of the manual sample.
Many customers ask us whether we can skip manual samples, direct production or formal samples, Kunshan Fair Craft Products Co., Ltd. in line with the responsible attitude to customers, we generally recommend not to omit this process. If we do not do manual samples and produce according to the design draft provided by the customer, then the shaped balloon produced will definitely be deformed after being filled with air, and the inflated balloon will not look like the customer’s design draft. We can not do a manual sample can be successful, let alone do not do a manual sample and directly according to the design draft.
Manual sample, it is not required to make plates, open molds. After the customer gives us the design draft, we will determine whether the customer wants to float after filling the air. Based on our experience of more than ten years, we will give the customer a rough size and then work out a rough price. The price here should not vary much. The purpose of making manual samples is to adjust the effect after the customer needs to fill the air. We need to adjust the design draft provided by the customer several times, and then make a manual sample. Generally, it is normal to fail to meet the customer’s design draft requirements once or twice, and sometimes it is normal to modify the design draft three or four times and make a manual sample. We will print out the design draft, and then paste it on the handmade balloon. After filling the air, we will see whether it is the same as the design draft provided by the customer.
Kunshan Fair Craft Products Co., Ltd. as a professional manufacturer of foil balloons, if you custom shaped cartoon foil balloons have never been done, then manual sample is a must do. Many businesses do not have the ability to do manual samples to confirm to you, they will only do shaped balloons according to the design draft you provide, as for what the effect is after filling the air, they will not consider for you. If you do this directly, and then look at the effect of inflation when the finished product comes out, then it is certainly not the effect on the customer’s design draft. The shape of the shaped balloon is completely different when it is filled with air and when it is not inflated.
Generally, it takes three to four days to do a manual sample of a special-shaped aluminum film balloon, and the time will be extended when encountering a particularly complex shape. Only after the customer has confirmed the hand-made cartoon sample, we will make plates, mold and arrange production according to the size, shape, pattern position and pattern proportion of the hand-made cartoon sample. I hope our customers can also understand why we have given all the drawings, and why we can not directly quote and produce.