Biodegradable Balloons RoHS Certification | Foil Balloons RoHS Certification


Fair company through biodegradable balloon RoHS certification |foil balloon RoHS certification, so that your products freely ride the European market


RoHS Directive: A "passport" to the EU market

In today's globalization, entering the overseas market is undoubtedly the pursuit of every enterprise. However, different regions have their own regulations and standards. For companies that want to enter the EU market, the RoHS directive is a challenge they must face. RoHS is the abbreviation of "Restriction of Hazardous Substances", which means "restriction of hazardous substances Directive" in Chinese. This is an environmental regulation developed and implemented by the European Union, the main purpose of which is to limit the harmful substances used in electronic and electrical products to protect the environment and human health.


Fair Company RoHS certification services: Make your products comply with EU standards

Eu SGS is a professional product certification company dedicated to helping customers solve various export problems. Eu SGS RoHS certification services can help your products successfully pass the EU test and obtain the qualification for sale in the EU market.

Eu SGS RoHS certification includes the following aspects:

Comprehensive material testing: The professional team of EU SGS will carry out comprehensive material testing of foil balloons to ensure that all foil balloons comply with the requirements of the RoHS Directive.
Detailed report preparation: EU SGS prepares a detailed RoHS certification report for you according to the test results, which will contain all the test data and evaluation results.
Fast certification process: EU SGS has an efficient certification process that can complete RoHS certification in a short period of time, allowing fairly produced foil balloons to enter the EU market quickly.



Fair Company's biodegradable aluminum film balloons: the perfect combination of environmental protection and safety

Fair Company's biodegradable balloons and aluminum film balloons are our carefully designed and developed products. Both balloons are made of environmentally friendly materials that not only reduce the impact on the environment, but also completely degrade after use without any pollution.

At the same time, our biodegradable balloons and aluminum-film balloons are also RoHS certified, which means that their safety is recognized by the European Union. Both the materials used in the production process and in the sale of the final product meet EU safety standards.

Fair Company, your global market passport

In the competition in the global market, only products that meet local regulations and standards can stand out in the competition. Fair Company's RoHS certification service can help your products successfully pass the EU test and obtain the qualification for sales in the EU market. At the same time, our biodegradable balloons and aluminum film balloons will also bring you a new market experience. Fair Company is your necessary partner to enter the global market.