How Do Foil Balloons Ddeflate? How To Deflate A Decorative Balloons (Picture)


With the improvement of people's living standards, festival celebrations, party parties and other activities are increasing, balloons have become a necessary decoration. However, many people, after purchasing foil balloons, know how to deflate them properly, and even cause the balloons to burst due to improper operation, affecting the atmosphere of the party.

So, how does a foil balloon deflate? How do you deflate a foil balloon? This article will give you more details?

foil balloons are generally disposable and few customers need to inflate and deflate them. Of course, there are also customers who want to vent the foil balloons when they are not in use so that they can inflate when they want to play. The FOIL balloons produced by fair are automatically sealed, and after inflating, you need to use a tube to deflate the FOIL balloons, which cannot be deflated without the help of a tube. That's why we need tubes longer than 18 centimeters to fit through the automatic seal.
First, we must first prepare the catheter, the diameter of the tube is best less than 0.8 cm, otherwise it will not be inserted, the length of the tube needs to be more than 20 cm to exceed the length of the sealing strip.
Take the yellow sealing strip and insert the tube into it. First insert the sealing strip and then press the foil balloon so that the air in the foil balloon will come out through the tube. It's not very simple! ?
What kind of air can a balloon fly with Balloons need to be filled with helium to float, because helium is less dense than air, so a balloon filled with helium can float in the air.
But not all balloons filled with helium can float, and they need to be inflated according to the size of the balloon. The amount of gas contained later determines whether the balloon can inflate a very important structure. If the size is small, the air is less, so it can not support the weight of the balloon itself, for example, the same round, 18-inch can be inflated, and 10-inch can not float up, the reason is because the 10-inch balloon is less filled with air, the amount of helium is less, the amount of helium is less relative to the weight of the balloon, so the balloon can not float up.
In short, whether a balloon can float when it is filled with air depends on the amount of helium it is filled with. When we customize balloons or special-shaped balloons, the fair spirit is responsible for the customer's attitude, and the fair will test whether it can float up when doing manual samples, there is no need to wait for the mold and version to be completed before testing, if the mold and version are done, it will be too late to test whether it can float, if it cannot float, it will need to re-open the mold and plate making. That would be expensive to produce