Foil balloon automatic sealing principle and inflation method


Innovative technology: An automatic sealing device filled with air that automatically seals the foil balloons


Automatic sealing principle of foil balloon

With the development of social technology, we invented an automatic sealing device to make it more convenient to inflate foil balloons. The main thing that it does is that when you inflate the foil balloons, you don’t have to pop the foil balloons right away when you pull them out, it just pops the holes in the balloon and stops the air from getting out. You don’t have to pinch the seal like we do when we inflate a latex balloon, and then you have to find a string to tie the seal. In simple terms, it is a device that only inhales and does not deflate. The core principle of this automatic sealing device is to realize the automatic sealing of the balloon mouth by using the pressure difference. When we fill the balloon with air, the pressure of the inflated PE film sealing strip will be less than the inflation pressure inside the balloon. Secondly, when we inflate, the pressure of the inflation seal is automatically closed by the air nozzle to prevent the helium from leaking out.


How foil balloons are inflated
Preparation before inflation: Connect the automatic sealing device to the inflation nozzle.
Inflating operation: Use an inflating device to inflate the foil balloon.
Automatic sealing: When the balloon is filled to the appropriate size, gently pull out the inflation tube. At this point, the automatic sealing device will automatically close the mouth of the balloon to ensure that the helium or air will not leak.


Pay attention to the pressure when inflating the balloon, when we inflate the balloon, there is always a reducing valve on the helium bottle, try not to open it all when it is just full, because there is more pressure inside the bottle when it is full, and our automatic sealing device is just a thin PE film, If the assumed pressure is very large, it is easy to break the automatic sealing device, and if the PE film is broken, then the automatic sealing device is lost, which will certainly lead to the balloon leakage. So, the pressure can’t be too high when I inflate it, but how? When you buy the pressure relief valve, the business will tell you how to use it.

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