Fair Company successfully joined the PEBA Balloon Environmental Protection Alliance

Fair Company successfully joined the PEBA Balloon Environmental Protection Alliance

Fair balloons honor the ranks of environmental protection: successfully joined the PEBA environmental protection Alliance to jointly protect the blue sky and clear water

Fair balloon’s green promise

Fair balloon has always been committed to the cause of environmental protection, with “innovation, environmental protection, quality” as the truth, leading the industry to the direction of green environmental protection. Our belief that every small change has the power to change the world. Fair Balloon joined PEBA Environmental Protection Alliance, is our concept of environmental protection sublimation and practice again. Together with our global peers, we are committed to improving the environment and creating a sustainable future.


PEBA Environmental Alliance: To eliminate the organized suppression of the release of balloons

As the world’s largest association of balloon manufacturers, PEBA USA is committed to promoting the use of environmentally friendly balloons and educating the public on how to use and discard balloons. PEBA USA’s mission is to eliminate the organized, spontaneous release of balloons by working with professionals, environmental organizations, governments and the media in order to protect our environment and ecosystems. After joining the PEBA Environmental Protection Alliance, Fair Balloon will actively participate in this lofty mission and jointly promote the green development of the industry.


Fair balloon green innovation

Fair Balloon has been adhering to the concept of green innovation, and constantly developing new environmentally friendly materials and production processes. Our products are not only beautiful in appearance, but also strictly controlled in material selection to ensure that the product is harmless to the environment during use. Joining the PEBA Environmental Protection Alliance, the company will continue to increase research and development efforts, launch more innovative products that meet environmental requirements, and meet the needs of the market and consumers.


Bear responsibility fair

As an enterprise with a sense of social responsibility, Fair Balloon has always paid attention to social hot issues and actively participated in public welfare undertakings. We believe that corporate development and social responsibility go hand in hand. After joining PEBA Environmental Protection Alliance, Fair Balloon will be more actively involved in environmental public welfare undertakings, promote environmental protection concepts through various channels, improve public awareness of environmental protection, and contribute to the construction of a better home.

Fair Balloons successfully joined the PEBA Environmental Alliance, marking a solid step in our environmental cause. We will continue to adhere to the concept of green development, and work with our global counterparts to eliminate the phenomenon of organized and spontaneous release of balloons and protect our home planet. Let’s move forward together and create a better green future!

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