EN71 Specification Standard for Toy Products in the European Union Market – foil Balloons (Image)


Fair production, quality assurance: foil balloons are certified by EU SGS, EN71 EU market standard for toy products


Fair production of foil balloons

We understand that consumers care about the safety of foil balloons, so we strictly control the production of each foil balloon to ensure that it meets all safety standards. This time, our foil balloons are certified by EU SGS, which is a strong commitment to product quality. The EU SGS certification is a globally recognized authoritative testing organization, and their certification marks that our foil balloons have reached the international first-class standards in terms of safety and environmental protection.


EN71: Standard for toy products in the EU market

In today’s globalized world, our foil balloons not only meet the needs of domestic consumers, but also are exported to Europe. Therefore, our products must comply with EN71, the standard for toy products in the EU market. EN71 is a standard for evaluating the safety performance of toy products, which covers many aspects such as mechanical properties, flammability, and chemical properties. EN71 certification means that our products are safe for consumers to use when entering the EU market.


Authentication number: SHTY130500007975

Each foil balloon certified by EU SGS has its own unique certification number – SHTY130500007975. This number is our commitment to product quality and our respect for consumers. Wherever you buy a foil balloon with this number, you can ensure its quality and safety.


EN71 must guarantee our production of mylar balloons

In order to ensure that our foil balloons can be widely recognized in the market, we have to ensure that they meet the EN71 EU market specifications for toy products. This is not only a guarantee for consumers, but also an enhancement for our own brand. We will always adhere to the consumer as the center, quality as the life, to provide global consumers with safe, high-quality products.

Fair production of foil balloons, through the EU SGS certification, in line with the EN71 EU market toy product specifications, which is our strong commitment to product quality. We will continue to provide high-quality, safe products, so that every consumer can rest assured to use.

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