Causes of balloon leakage | How to prevent foil balloons from leaking


Many customers come to ask why the balloon leakage in other factories is very serious, some of them deflated or did not float after a day filled with helium, and ask us whether our balloons can guarantee no air leakage for several days.

There are many reasons why foil balloons leak, the most important of which are the following:

The factory at fair foil balloons did an experiment in which 10 balloons were filled with helium at 34 degrees Celsius and then held at 24 degrees. After an hour or two, 10 balloons appeared to be deflated, meaning they were not as full as they had been when they were first inflated, but they were still floating. On the contrary, the 10 balloons were brought to 34 degrees Celsius and popped up again after one or two hours. So the temperature has an impact on whether the gas leakage or not, of course, in fact, this is only the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, here I will not describe the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. Therefore, when we inflate and use aluminum film balloons, we try to choose the same environment.

Second, the impact of materials, Kunshan Fair process Products Co., LTD., generally in the customer inquiry will ask a question to export quality standards or general quality requirements. If the customer is exported to Europe and the United States, we generally recommend the customer to use nylon material, nylon material relative tightness, fastness are better than PET material, the touch is relatively soft, of course, the relative price will be a little more expensive. And if the customer’s quality requirements are not very high, and the price wants to be cheap, we will tell the customer to use PET materials, PET relative to nylon in the gas retention, fastness will be poor.
Three, the impact of the production process, foil balloon production so far there are two production processes, one is cold cutting edge, one is hot edge. Domestic manufacturers are using cold cutting technology to produce foil balloons, cold cutting technology is only a seal, the edge is cold cut to cut out the shape of aluminum film balloons, its edge is not sealed, its advantage is that the production speed is fast, relative production costs will be reduced. Kunshan Fair Technology Products Co., Ltd. in line with customer responsibility, to ensure the quality of balloons, the use of hot edge production process, fair production equipment is to do hot edge machine, foreign customers if they really understand foil balloons, they will choose the production process of hot edge, because the mylar balloon on the hot edge in addition to a seal, And there’s a seal on the side, which means there’s two seals to prevent the helium from escaping through the seal on the side.
When we inflate the foil balloon, try to fill it all at once, don’t worry about the balloon bursting, so how do we know if the balloon is full? When we inflate the Foil balloon, it’s full when you touch the balloon and it’s hard, or when you drop it on the ground and you hear a boom boom, When we inflate the balloon, the gas passes through the middle of the automatic sealing nozzle. When we inflate the balloon, it will have a gap. To make the gap close, we need to fill the air enough, so that a certain pressure will be formed inside the balloon. The pressure will restore the automatic sealing nozzle to its original tight position, so that we can ensure that the air does not leak out of the automatic sealing.
When we inflate foil balloons, try not to inflate with high pressure, if we inflate our foil balloons with high pressure, it’s easy to burst the automatic sealing film, the automatic sealing film is convenient for us to fill the gas without tying (binding) to prevent helium from running out, if you use high pressure filling, Then it loses its sealing effect. So we try to inflate our aluminum balloon as slowly as possible.
Six, the impact of the balloon size, the balloon leakage is mainly from the sealing edge leakage, the larger the balloon size, the longer the perimeter of its side, the larger the perimeter, the greater the probability of leakage relative to the short side; The helium that we fill will leak from the surface of the balloon, and likewise, as the area increases, the probability of leakage will also increase, so generally a large balloon will leak more easily than a small balloon.
All in all, the reasons for the balloon leakage are many, it will also leak from the surface of the aluminum film material, then it is the influence of the material, of course, sometimes we should try to avoid sharp things touching the surface of the balloon when we inflate the balloon, Kunshan Fair Technology Products Co., Ltd. choose the production process of hot edge is to ensure that the gas will not leak out from the side of the seal.
After reading the above introduction, I believe that our customers have a comprehensive understanding of the causes of balloon leakage, and also understand how to choose materials, production processes, and inflation methods to avoid balloon leakage.