Foil balloon customization and advertising balloon customization (picture)


Kunshan Fair Craft Products Co., Ltd. is a professional production of PA (nylon), PET (polyester) aluminized film, transparent film, laser film balloon manufacturers, other latex balloons, PVC balloons because of different production, so we can not produce such products in China, there is no manufacturer can produce different materials of balloons at the same time.

foil balloon customization and advertising balloon customization: Exploring new areas of advertising media
Fair main production of balloon materials are in line with foil (mylar), transparent film, laser film

Advertising balloon as a special communication creativity, its unique visual effects and a wide range of use scenarios, make it an important means of commercial brand promotion. Fair as a professional balloon manufacturer, the main production of balloon materials are in line with foil (mylar), transparent film, laser film, the composite use of these materials, so that the form of advertising balloons diversification, to meet a variety of different advertising balloon customization needs.

Properties and processes of foil (mylar)

foil (mylar) balloons are the most common kind of advertising balloons, with a smooth and bright surface, strong reflection effect, good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, light weight and other advantages. The fair uses advanced processing technology to compound the aluminum film with other materials, so that the advertising balloon not only has excellent quality, but also has good durability.

Characteristics and processing technology of transparent film

Transparent film balloon has the characteristics of high transparency, soft texture and good elasticity, and has been widely evaluated in various occasions. Fair transparent film using special processing technology, so that the surface of the balloon smooth and delicate, not easy to collapse. At the same time, the good transparency of the transparent film makes the balloon can be printed with various colors of patterns or text, which enhances the communication effect of advertising.

Characteristics and processing technology of laser film

Laser film balloon is a kind of high-end advertising balloon, its surface uses a unique laser film, rich color, three-dimensional sense. The fair laser film uses additional decoration to ensure that the balloon is wavy and colorful. At the same time, the good wear resistance and weather resistance of the laser film make the advertising balloon maintain its beauty and novelty for a long time in the outdoor environment.

Materials for different quality requirements

Fair according to the specific needs of customers to choose different material composite to meet different quality requirements. For advertising balloons that need wear resistance and corrosion resistance, we recommend the use of PA (nylon) and PET (polyester) aluminized film; For advertising balloons that require good transparency and elasticity, we recommend the use of transparent film; For advertising balloons that require high-end, unique visual effects, we recommend the use of laser film.

In the tide of advertising media, fair to “foil balloon customization and advertising balloon customization” as the main marketing body, committed to providing customers with personalized products and services. We believe that only by continuous innovation can we remain invincible in the competition.

Fair balloon materials are in line with foil (mylar), transparent film, laser film, the general foil advertising balloon production also only need to be composed of these three layers of materials, below we briefly introduce the different characteristics of these three layers of customized advertising balloons, processing technology and materials in different quality requirements of the use:
First, in line with foil (mylar) : it is mainly composed of three layers of materials, generally by PE, composite PA (also useful PET), aluminum processing process will be in line with PE with special adhesive composite water, after 48 hours of constant temperature, after the material is dried, aluminum plating machine aluminum plating, can be printed on the above different graphics and colors. In line with the completely aluminized film enhanced solid, good air retention, the general use of exports, high quality requirements of customers, in the customer to provide the advertising balloon special-shaped design of the manuscript, the fair general quotation is in accordance with the standard material to the customer to calculate the unit price, because the special-shaped air bag after gas, the pressure inside and often shaped air bag pressure is not the same, So the relative requirements of the material so higher. PET aluminized film than aluminum film pressure resistance and gas retention will be almost, the domestic general customers used for balloon advertising.

Second, transparent film: transparent film production and processing technology is the same as aluminum film, only less aluminum plating process, transparent materials of ordinary balloon design is very simple, some customers even print an advertising LOGO. (Below is the picture below)

Third, laser coating film: laser film processing technology is relatively complex, it is on the basis of aluminum film to increase the laser effect, due to the complex production process, the relative waste of material is also more, and the cost of laser film is relatively high, so the relative unit price is more expensive. Customers in custom laser film advertising balloons need to add some production time.

These are the main materials of our customized foil advertising balloons, customers can choose different materials to customize foil balloons according to their needs.