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A fair and transparent balloon is composed of two balloons, with the outer ball refined from high transparency nylon film and polyester film materials, resulting in higher brightness. The inner ball can be used as a background with ordinary aluminum film balloons. This unique design allows fair and transparent balloons to maintain the lightness of traditional balloons while providing a transparent view beyond traditional balloons. Moreover, when the inner ball is filled with helium, the entire transparent ball can float up, adding fun and interactivity.

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Our laser balloon printing does not require full plate printing, otherwise it will cover the laser surface and lose the laser effect. In fair company customization, customers usually only print some simple text and patterns on the laser surface, and the printed patterns do not take up a large area. In this way, we can ensure that each laser balloon can perfectly showcase its unique glowing effect.

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Festiv foil balloons are essential decorations for various festival activities. At a birthday party, colorful foil balloons can create a cheerful atmosphere; On Christmas, red aluminum foil balloons symbolize warmth and celebration; On Valentine’s Day, pink foil balloons represent romance and sweetness; In Halloween or wedding events, foil balloons with various themes can add more fun and artistic sense to the scene.

Helium balloon


Fair uses advanced helium filling technology. During the inflation process, the inflation speed and pressure are strictly controlled to ensure that the helium can fully penetrate into the mylar material, so that the balloon can achieve the best condition. In addition, Fair conducts rigorous quality checks on each inflated foil helium balloon to ensure its safety and reliability.Fair advantage of foil helium balloons

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Whether it’s birthday parties, anniversaries, wedding ceremonies, or New Year celebrations, letter balloons can add color to your activities. Our letter balloons are composed of 26 letters A-Z in English, which can be combined into different words to make your activities more creative and fun.

In various family gatherings and holiday celebrations, letter balloons play an important role that cannot be underestimated. They can be hung indoors or outdoors, creating a joyful and peaceful atmosphere. You can also combine them with other decorations to create a unique scene effect.

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Fair balloon manufacturers provide one-stop services, from purchase to customization, from delivery to installation, we will provide you with the most thoughtful service. Whether you need a large number of aluminum balloons for Valentine’s Day or special customized Qixi decorative balloons, we can meet your needs. Our goal is to ensure that every customer can enjoy our high-quality service and feel our dedication and professionalism.

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Christmas balloons | Christmas decoration balloons | Christmas foil balloons


The biggest feature of Christmas foil balloons is their exquisite design and excellent craftsmanship. Each balloon is handcrafted by experienced craftsmen, and every detail is filled with an artistic atmosphere. Moreover, foil balloons have brighter colors, better durability, and can maintain long-lasting beauty in various environments.